The Product™ is a motor neuroprosthesis – designed to bypass damaged neural pathways in patients with severe paralysis, allowing them to restore motor capabilities including control of digital devices.

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See patients with paralysis who received the™ implant in Australia use the neuroprosthetic to perform activities of daily living without movement.

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How it Works

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How it works 1
The stentrode™ is an endovascular implant, placed in a vein alongside the motor cortex which generates any signal related to movement.
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A receiver device implanted in the chest transmits the neural signals to a decoder.
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A machine learning algorithm translates those signals into specific digital commands.

Key System Feature Designs


Fully implanted components with no visible effects on the body.


Patterns of thinking are translated directly into digital commands to control any device.


Designed to be a simple-to-use and dependable technology that works immediately.


Designed to be fully customizable to patient needs and adapt over time.

The Components™ gives patients access to fundamental human needs. Each device replaces a key function of an intact motor neuron in order to record, transmit, translate, and act on brain signals.

The array and transmitter

the node

The node consists of the stentrode™ and our internal receiver-transmitter unit that is placed in the chest under the skin. It records brain signals from the motor cortex and provides wireless transmission of raw data to the external devices.

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The decoder


The axon wirelessly detects raw brain signals from the node and translates them into standardized digital commands that can be recognized by any Bluetooth device.

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The Platform™

Our end user software,™, is a hands-free, thought-controlled platform that uses translated brain signals to restore motor capabilities to achieve digital freedom.

DISCLAIMER: Devices are limited by United States Federal law to investigational use.


Clinical Trials

Synchron is the only company to have FDA approval to conduct clinical trials of a permanently implanted BCI. We are rapidly progressing towards a world first pivotal trial for an implantable BCI.

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SWITCH 1 First In Human

Melbourne, AUS

SWITCH 2 Early Feasibility Study

Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, AUS

COMMAND Early Feasibility Study

New York City and Pittsburgh, USA

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