Our endovascular approach is designed to deliver electronics throughout the brain without open brain surgery.



to the brain.

Thousands of blood vessels, the uncharted highways into the brain.​


to patients.

Tens of thousands of interventional physicians ready to perform procedures globally. That’s 10x the clinical network compared to traditional BCI technologies.


to data.

First-to-market opportunity setting a new gold standard in endovascular functional brain data.


at scale.

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The Stentrode

Our neurointerventional electrophysiology (NeuroEP) platform is built on the Stentrode, an endovascular electrode array. It is designed to record or stimulate the brain from inside the blood vessels. The field of Functional Neurointervention will include brain computer interfaces, brain mapping, brain monitoring and deep brain stimulation. Synchron is working to deliver this vision over the next 10 years.

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